10SJ Stationary Compact Jaw Crusher

The Model 10SJ is a 7” x 16” stationary jaw crusher.  Utilizing the same crusher as our Model 10TJ, this machine also has instant hydraulic adjustable jaws that allow output product sizes ranging from ¾”-3”. Similarly, this unit also comes with dust suppression included as standard.

These crushers are used by landscapers, small builders/demolition companies, waste recycling, developers and the agricultural sector. The Model 10SJ crusher can be powered by the use of hydraulic powerpacks or any auxiliary hydraulic supply source from a tractor or other similar plant. Electric versions are also available.

The Model 10SJ can be utilized for small scale crushing projects for a cost-effective method of avoiding disposal and haul-away fees.  Simply move the crusher into position, plug in your hydraulic/electric power source and you are ready to crush in no time!  The 10SJ can easily crush a variety of aggregate type products.

Jaw aperture of 7” x 16”
Average product size ¾”-3”
Choice of Hydraulic or Electrical powered
Output of 7-9 tons per hour
No excavator needed to load the crusher
Easily fed by hand
Length: 8’-5”
Width: 3’-8″
Loading Height: 4’-11”
Weight: 1,631 lbs.